Irwin Industrial Tools 14076 10-Inch 80-Teeth 5/8-Inch Arbor Miter and Table Saw Blade

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10", 80 Tooth Carbide Tipped, Marathon Circular Saw Blade, 5/8" Arbor, Thin Kerf For Faster, Cleaner Cuts, Heat Vents Reduce Heat That Causes Build Up & Pitch, Precision Honed C3 Tungsten Carbide Tips Hold Edge Longer, Round Shape Means Each Tooth Cuts Uniform Equal Amount Of Wood, Blade Flatness Ensures Close Tolerances.

The Irwin Marathon 10-Inch 80-Tooth Miter/Table Saw Blade is designed for optimal performance with miter and table saws where a smooth finish and accurate cuts are critical. The alternate top bevel grind gives this blade the ability to reduce sanding after cutting, making it an ideal choice for finish carpentry like furniture and cabinets. Other features include carbide-tipped teeth and a hardened steel body to deliver a long cutting life, and a reinforced shoulder and heat vents that reduce unwanted blade warp.

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