Strait-Line 1932887 IRWIN Speedline Pro Chalk Reel, Blue

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The IRWIN STRAIT-LINE Speedline PRO Chalk Reel features an Easy Fill & Lock Top that provides a wide opening for increased speed and visibility when filling the reel or accessing internals. The top is constructed of the same durable ABS as the body and can be locked securely with a 1/4 turn to prevent unwanted spills. The 100' hi-tensile line is 2.5X stronger than traditional chalk reels for fewer breaks on rough, abrasive surfaces. The reel has a 3:1 gear ratio to rewind the line 3X faster than traditional chalk reels. The robust steel handle and large ergonomic clutch deliver increased durability, strength, and torque, and the wide-prong hook provides secure anchoring.

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