Ideal 31-385 Clear Glide Wire Pulling Lubricant - 5 Gallon Bucket

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The Ideal 31-385 is a 5 gallon bucket of Clear Glide lubricant. This lubricant is clear and colorless which makes for a quick and easy clean up. This lubricant is a polymer-based formula that is perfect for all electrical and datacom applications, making it safe to use with all different cable types. This lubricant stays in a semi-fluid film that wont clog conduit in future pulls. In 1916, J. Walter Becker started the Ideal Commutator Dresser Company of Chicago from his mother's kitchen. Service, he said, was part of the product. That idea has been the core IDEAL business principle for over 90 years. Today, the many loyal distributors and customers that make IDEAL successful are a testament to Becker's original philosophy.

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