Ideal 85-132 2-Way Digital Cable Splitter, 1 GHz

Ideal 85-132 2-Way Digital Cable Splitter, 1 GHz
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The Ideal 85-132 is a 5 MHz - 1 GHz cable splitter. This splitter is a 2 port, high performance device, with welded resisters and capacitors to filter out signal variations and provide a cleaner, stronger signal. Includes a printed circuit board design helps maintain a constant RF performance as well as a soldered back provide higher RF shielding. All ports are machined F female connectors and carry a low insertion loss to maintain signal integrity. A single grounding screw eliminates the need for an entire grounding block which keeps the needed space down to a minimum. By keeping all unused ports unopened you greatly improve the performance, terminating unused ports with F terminators, 85-038, is advised. IDEAL brings you products that make your job easier; products that you can rely on, with warranties you can trust; products that are available whenever and wherever you need them. Every IDEAL product comes with the promise made by our founder more than 90 years ago.