CMT Orange Tools 1-1/2" Bi-Metal Hole Saw

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Product characteristics

-Perfectly developed geometry of the teeth ensures a smooth cut, prevents clogging of the hole saw with chips and protects against overheating of the tool.
-Thanks to the proper teeth arrangement, the friction has been minimized, thanks to which our foraminators work easier, without the need for additional pressure on the workpiece.
-This is an ideal proposition for mild steel (up to 1000 N / mm2), stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, cast iron, copper and zinc.
-Bi-Metal Plus with an 8% addition of cobalt - A special combination of Bi-Metal and cobalt ensures the highest productivity and up to 50% longer life than competition tools.


-Working at higher speeds than recommended reduces tool life and is ineffective.


- Remember to always choose the right parameters for the work, including the material being processed. If the foraminer gets too hot or the blades become clogged, reduce the pressure exerted on the tool. Insufficient pressure will cause blunt dulling, while too much pressure can cause permanent damage to the tool.
USE COOLING - Benefits of using a coolant:
-Cools the blades and the material to be processed
-Reduces heat and abrasion, which can contribute to faster tool wear
-Cleans the surface of the chip material
-Increases tool life by up to 500%!

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