MultiQuip Wet Core Drill Bit 2 " X 14 " Concrete Equipment

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Need a core bit that can drill a hole quickly and keep it clean? The Norton Abrasives 2" x 14" Wet Cut Core Bit is the one for you. These premium series wet core bits are ideal for general purpose drilling. The PRB combines long life and fast drilling for all around performance in most applications. 

A diamond blade does not actually cut, it uses the exposed diamonds in the segment to grind through the material. The exposed diamonds in time will round over, chip, or break out of the metal in the segment. The metal now wears away to expose new diamonds, which starts the process over again.

State-of-the-art balanced tubes, trusted segment design, high temperature brazing, and laser weld technology insure smooth drilling operations. The 2" x 14" is for use on medium to hard steel, cured concrete, masonry and natural stone.

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